We believe that music is a global language that brings people together and adding dancing makes it even more fun. The African dance and music is no exception. When taking part in drumming and dancing, you get good energy and joy in an environment filled with humor and laughter. Some of the instruments we use include kpanlogo drums, Gome, Djembe just to mention a few. 

Kpanlogo Yede ry. is an association located in Vaasa, Finland since the year 2009. The aim is to provide a place for people interested in African culture, especially dancing and drumming. We conduct private classes in African dance and rhythms. In addition to this, we also perform at festivals, seminars and private occasions such as wedding, birthday party and others.

Our classes take place on Tuesdays (dance and drumming) and Thursdays (dancing). In autumn, classes are between September and December while the spring classes are from February to May.



Kasarmi 13 
Korsholmanpuistikko 6
65100 Vaasa

info [at]
Puh./Tel. 044 352 1010